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For us, the key aspect of our development is the transformation of the product from a conventional “stick-on” film into an integral component. We take semi-finished products such as modern multilayer films and special-purpose adhesives and make them into a technically perfect finished workpiece. Our raw materials for this come from an endlessly growing catalogue of technical film types. An ever wider range of end uses and applications opens up completely novel possibilities for new technical functions, forms and design freedoms. In the specialist automotive sector, we have developed our unique expertise for this: the ∆-Kaufmann feasibility analysis. In it lies the crucial difference: with our engineer-supported Δ-Kaufmann feasibility analysis, we check every task and its conditions. This provides a sound basis upon which to develop the proper part using our film engineering. And so, what is at first a “simple” piece of film becomes an integral component with an assured supply of spare parts. We do our best to make optimal use of its properties in order to ensure that it serves its purpose. We call this Kaufmann film engineering – a specialist discipline to which we bring over 30 years of experience. This is what creates the components and applications of the future.
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Our vision

We see ourselves as a service provider that not only satisfies its customers, but inspires them with a high degree of responsibility, with profitable and holistically conceived engineering processes for the automotive industry, with a unique creativity and with the best quality.

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Quality for our customers

Throughout the region, throughout Germany, across Europe, and around the world: we are everywhere our customers need us. And we provide the quality they need. To this end we are ISO 9001 certified.