Automotive applications and products
Automotive applications and products
Automotive applications and products

From decorative strips to several million components per year

Conventional adhesive film was long considered to be a cosmetic extra – something that was just “tacked on” at the end of the whole industrial planning and production chain, somewhat shamefacedly, in separate workshop processes. Kaufmann takes film technology to a new level as an integral part of the automotive manufacturing process. As a result, with several million parts per year, we have achieved a diversity that has allowed us to grow into a leading specialist. We have a huge catalogue of applications and decorative products, and we support the supply of spare parts to leading car manufacturers worldwide. Applications in standard Kaufmann industrial quality – consistent and reliably supplied.


From automotive manufacturers to commercial vehicle fleets, right through to car hire services. Film technology provides more customisation, protection and rapid market adaptation – everywhere.

Design & décor

Bring more ideas to life

Film technology makes your plans possible. We use it to support the diversity of your product range and offer you a greater wealth of options for special editions. Quickly and easily.