Protective films just for you

Wherever parts, paint or other surfaces need to be protected against mechanical, chemical or environmental effects, protective films are the proper means. We offer you the right solution – and the right material for your problem areas. Everything from a single source, everything tailored to your needs. Regardless of what you want to protect, we advise you on the right film choice, parts development and the perfect application.

Privacy films

Protecting more than just privacy

Our decorative films for glass give a professional impression of ground, etched or sandblasted glass, but are more versatile. Decorative films for glass open up as-yet unimagined possibilities in the design of glass or glass-like surfaces.
The films are suitable for surfaces made of glass, acrylic or polycarbonate. Various colours and surface textures can be combined to create completely new effects.
Block-out films guarantee absolute privacy!

Perfect for one-offs and large-scale production.

Paint protection

Making sure everything stays as it was

The perfect outer skin of a new car rapidly loses value. Stones that hit the bonnet, minor parking shunts on the bumpers, small scratches on the door sills, handle recesses and loading sills are all part of everyday life. Our new, transparent paint-protection films provide invisible protection – even against corrosion.
A specialist can easily apply the elastic material without wrinkles and bubbles, even on highly curved surfaces. And it’s just as easy to remove at any time, with no residue. The films are highly resistant and durable – even in the car wash. Tests show that the solvent-resistant product is untouched even by deliberate scratching with a pointed object. Our film combines a highly elastic polyurethane with an acrylic bonding layer. We also offer black, textured versions for door and loading sills.

Comprehensive protection

  • against scratches and shoe scuffs when getting in and out.
  • against continuous stress from keys and fingernails.
  • against parking shunts
  • against scratches and abrasion marks when loading and unloading
  • against stone impacts, parking shunts, scratches and insects

We develop and manufacture kits for the after-sales sector and for installation near the factory.

Sun protection

Sun- and splinter-protection films

This sheet film is applied to the inner side of the window and provides effective protection against radiant heat. The advantages are convincing. Far less heat in the vehicle ensures a better interior climate, while the film filters out 99% of harmful UV radiation – the main cause of faded upholstery. The even scattering of sunlight also reduces dangerous glare.
Dark films not only ensure a customised, cool look. The polyester film also protects the inside of your car from prying eyes – and also from injuries caused by flying splinters should the glass break.

The sun-protection film is available in a variety of colours and shades. Trained employees can apply it easily without wrinkles or bubbles – and can also remove it on request at any time, easily and without a residue.

Splinter-protection films improve safety in special applications such as police patrol cars. We have industrial pre-assembly kits for application near the factory, and sales-ready solutions for the after-sales sector.