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Film technology instead of paint = cost reduction
Get film in the rhythm – application at the construction line

When modern film technology meets conventional paintwork, the result is customisation and lower costs.

Kaufmann stands for film engineering, particularly where expensive paint can be partially replaced or supplemented. And such opportunities are constantly on the increase in the automotive sector. Thanks to the unique Δ-Kaufmann feasibility analysis, we go where only process engineers would normally dare to tread – straight to the process chain of the production line. Kaufmann film engineering promotes film as a partial substitute. Paintwork cannot be entirely dispensed with – even film needs a suitable substrate – but expensive multi-coat processes can be minimised. And it is important to note: this is not at the end of the manufacturing process in a special paint shop, but right on the production line or bypass. This can cut up to two-thirds of the cost and eliminate the expensive drying process. The result: greater customisation at a lower cost.

Technology: feasibility

The unique ∆-Kaufmann feasibility analysis

What are the possibilities? What becomes quicker, better, easier or more customised with film engineering? We help you rethink and redesign processes – systematically, from all perspectives and with 30 years of expertise.

We do a lot for our industrial customers, such as:

  • conducting ∆-Kaufmann feasibility analyses
  • taking on project management
  • supervising processes
  • recommending basic installation conditions
  • offering material estimates
  • handling installation tests and making recommendations
  • recommending installation sequences
  • working out production and installation times (F times)
  • optimising logistics, storage conditions and packaging units
  • recommending installation and measurement tools
  • creating drawings, IMDS entries, samples
  • generating CAD data from specified drafts
  • optimising any drafts for realisation in series production
  • adapting specified drafts to the final product
  • taking care of third-party deliveries
  • implementing individual customer wishes and ideas
  • providing proposals for operating procedures and PDMs
  • creating accompanying installation instructions
  • training at the actual installation location
Technology: optimisation

More in sync with ∆-Kaufmann process optimisation

Delivering smart solutions for better cycle times by coordinating sequences and tools and improving logistics and packaging units.

Technology: design

Error compensation and protection by means of technical film parts and pads

Fixing, protection, compensation, installation aid or lamination.