Boundless foil engineering

Film technology enters new product lines

Hardly any other industrial semi-finished product has had such a development curve. More than 500,000 film patents make for plenty of possibilities. Even our furniture is being film-covered nowadays. Why is this? It’s simple: compared to conventional painting, film is environmentally friendly, energy saving and, above all, fast. Kaufmann develops intelligent process solutions for plant and machinery manufacturers, and, of course, for the supplier industry. Impressive concepts for film applications from a single source – and a high degree of customisation in series production. 30 years of experience stand behind every square centimetre of film and every process step.
And every day brings something new. Robotics, partial automation and Industry 4.0 are part of our everyday work. What does this mean for you? Lower costs, faster work steps, less effort and greatly extended possibilities.
For all your plans, both present and future. Broaden your production horizons with film technology.
Do you have questions about a replacement purpose? Would you like to integrate film technology and design into your production processes? We would be happy to carry out a detailed Δ-Kaufmann feasibility analysis for you.

Technology: feasibility

Know exactly what is possible with film technology

What can be implemented in small-scale and series production, and how? We use film engineering and a ∆-Kaufmann feasibility study to handle the fine tuning for your specific product characteristics. Learn how here.

Service: installation & training

Installation service & application training

Competently supported and fit for implementation: each project has specific requirements. Our “train the trainer” concept allows you to develop special application expertise.