The Kaufmann film wiki

Technical terms for film technology – click on a term to find out more.

  • 3-D-film

    a self-adhesive film, stretchable, and elastic so that it can be applied to curved surfaces

  • acrylic adhesive

    a synthetic adhesive with an especially high resistance to aging, temperature, ultraviolet light, and oxidation

  • anti-graffiti film

    an easy-to-clean film with protection against sprayer vandalism

  • automotive film

    a high-performance film that meets the requirements of automotive manufacturers

  • automotive grade

    see automotive film

  • ball-drop test

    a method to test the vulnerability to fractures and cracks of a coating when deformed quickly and at various temperatures

  • block-out film

    an opaque film

  • CAD software

    “Computer Aided Design“; software that supports, controls, and facilitates the technical manufacturing of products

  • calender

    a heated roller system

  • calendered film

    a film produced in a calender

  • car wrapping

    covering an automobile with the help of film

  • cast film

    a high-quality, very thin, and flexible film

  • contour marking

    a color-coded marking, for example, on trucks to promote visibility in road traffic

  • crock meter

    an apparatus to examine color fastness

  • decorative film

    a film for the improved visualization of surfaces

  • diffuser film

    see diffusion film

  • diffusion film

    a film for light scattering or homogeneous distribution of light

  • digital printing

    direct printing, in which the print image is transmitted from the computer to the printing press

  • DIN EN ISO 9001

    a quality management standard; standard for implementing quality management and related requirements

  • doctor blade

    a scraper tool used to secure and smoothen out the film on the background, and to squeeze the air out under the film

  • drag knife

    a knife on the plotter that does not have the cutting tips positioned in the center of the axis; instead, the blade is trekked

  • dry application

    fastening the film on the surface without using a dampening solution

  • electro-luminescent film

    a film that changes by applying voltage

  • feasibility analysis

    see Δ-Kaufmann feasibility analysis

  • florida-test

    a weathering test under a humid and warm climate

  • fluorescent film

    a film that contains special color pigments making ultraviolet light visible to humans

  • functional film

    a film with practical properties

  • HPGL

    „Hewlett-Packard Graphic Language“ – an electronic printer language

  • HPGL/2

    an extension of HPGL

  • IMDS-data

    „International Material Data System“ – a globally standardized exchange and management system for material data in the automotive industry

  • kalahari-test

    a weathering test under a dry and hot climate

  • moist application

    applying a film using a specific lubricant

  • OEM

    an original equipment manufacturer

  • offset

    a printing method that transfers the ink to the fabric using a rubber blanket

  • paint protection film

    a film protecting the paint from scratches and other damages

  • plotter

    a graphic display unit (X-Y plotter) that transfers graphs of function, technical drawings, and vector graphics to different backgrounds

  • plotting

    cutting with a graphic display unit (X-Y plotter) that transfers graphs of function, technical drawings, and vector graphics to different backgrounds

  • polyethylen (PE)

    a thermoplastic material

  • polymer

    a chemical substance consisting of reactionary macromolecules, so-called monomers

  • polymerization

    the reaction that takes place during the conversion of monomers into polymers

  • polypropylen (PP)

    a thermoplastic material

  • polyvinyl chlorid (PVC)

    an amorphous, thermoplastic material

  • positioning

    the possibility of gently sliding a self-adhesive film on a background before the pressure-sensitive adhesive fixes the film position by contact

  • promotion film

    used for short-term advertising messages

  • PU-film

    film produced of polyurethanes (PU)

  • punching

    a segregation method, pressing out flat parts from the material

  • re-positioning

    the possibility of peeling off the self-adhesive film easily and warp-free during application to position these again on the background

  • retro-reflective film

    a film that reflects incoming light

  • safety film

    see window protection film

  • scratch protection film

    provides effective protection against the deliberate scratching of glass

  • solar film

    a film equipped with solar cells for storing energy

  • splinter protection film

    see window protection film

  • stone chip film

    a film protecting against damage by stone chips (see paint protection film)

  • sun protection film

    a film, which serves as ultraviolet and temperature protection

  • tangential knife

    a knife on the plotter; the head is equipped with a motor

  • translucent film

    a film permitting light to pass through but diffusing it

  • visual protection

    allows modern and discreet glass design while maintaining privacy

  • window protection film

    a film used to give structure to glass windows

  • xenon arc lamp

    a gas discharge lamp displaying a spectrum which almost equals sunlight

  • Δ-Kaufmann feasibility analysis

    a management and engineering tool developed by Kaufmann for the creation of engineering structured quality processes in film technology

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