Film – a promising raw material

Book release "Automotive Applications & Products"

For more than 30 years, we have seen film technology making its way into everyday life. Nearly all industrial sectors are using high-tech films and the trend shows a more and more universal use.

The new book „Automotive Applications & Products“, published by the founders of Kaufmann, describes the origins of car wrapping, explains the properties of the applied high-tech films, as well as the experiences and possible implementations, and arouses the curiosity about further innovations to come from the Kaufmann brand.

Since the turn of the millennium, the development of film technology has been so fast that constantly new technologies are launched and promoted. The world of films is diverse and offers especially in the automotive sector a high degree of individualization and enormous cost savings in comparison to paint. That’s the reason why Kaufmann has specialized in the use of film applications in the automotive industry, the main topic this book is concentrated on. You get hints and tips to realize a perfect application of high-tech films, a result thanks to many years of experience made by this company. Technical articles about care instructions as well as the simple and residue-free disposal show the advantages of the automotive film applications in this book. The different possibilities to use films in the automotive sector, for instance paint and sun protection films, are presented, as well as the superiority they do have in comparison to paintwork. In order to realize an efficient and individualized production, the book explains Kaufmann’s feasibility analysis in details which perfectly integrates film applications in the automotive production line saving time and costs in the manufacturing process at the same time.

An outlook relating to this subject makes clear that films will be able to afford even more in future and that constant developments in this area will have a positive influence on all industries. You will always hear about new and innovative films with special functions whereas we as a company aim for a model „human being – machine“ that guarantees a fully automated car wrapping.