fleet branding cost-effective and made easy

Vehicles in perfect design —
with Kaufmann’s high-tech films for your vehicle fleets

Fleet owners know the problem. Vehicles with small damages as stone chips, dents or scratches have to be repaired cost-intensively by coating companies. The application of high-tech films offers an alternative protecting your vehicle against all these damages. At the same time it offers the possibility that you adapt your vehicle in the exterior as well as the interior area exactly according to you individual wishes.

Taxis for instance are wrapped with films in typical corporate identity look to realize a better visibility. In addition to the recognition value, the paint is protected against all kinds of external influences as wind, weather and light what will have a positive effect on the resale value of your car. The film can easily be removed putting the car back into its original state.

Whereas the costs for a complete paint finish amount up to € 2.000 - € 2.500,-- , the application with high-tech films is a cheaper alternative, at the same time offering an extensive protection and individual design for at least 10 years.

But there are more advantages with regard to the application of films on your fleet vehicles. Thanks to the use of an adhesive especially developed for the automotive industry, the film can completely be removed without any residues. For this reason our high-tech films are perfectly suitable for the temporary use on leased vehicles or police cars for instance. In case of smaller damages films can be replaced cost-effectively. Paint damages can be filled and the new film can be applied on this area. In comparison to paint, film application saves time and your vehicles are immediately available again.

The possibilities of design are endless. Partial or full vehicle wrapping exactly according to your ideas and wishes. We offer a huge range of colours and designs which perfectly will meet your needs. By screen printing we print your graphic on our automotive high-tech films and afterwards we apply it on your vehicle, that makes it unique. Of course you can also use transparent films in order to protect your car.

You are looking for a cost-effective way to adapt the design of your vehicle individually? We would be glad to advise you on Kaufmann’s solutions in the field of fleet branding. Please send us a message using our contact form or ask us to call you back.

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