Sustainable film engineering in the automotive industry

Sustainability and environmentally friendly trends in film engineering

The change in the automotive industry nearly is impossible to stop. In addition to digitization, there are currently three other topics in focus: lightweight construction, CO2 reduction and the increase of sustainability. For today’s consumer society sustainability is becoming increasingly important. The automotive industry is anxious to organize its production according to the principles of sustainability. These are for example among others, legally regulated environmental protection requirements and the constant adaptation of emission limits in the automotive sector. For this reason, the body lightweight construction is more in demand than ever before, because vehicles with lower weight emit less CO2. Conventional heavier plastics and metals are being replaced by lightweight and high-performance materials to produce more energy-efficient automobiles.

In the field of film engineering, sustainable and environmentally friendly production is also an important aspect. Thanks to innovative approaches Kaufmann is reducing CO2 and waste. This includes recycling also of our own products. In addition, we rely on environmentally friendly products which are PVC- and plasticizer-free. In production we avoid to use problematic chemicals such as phthalate, chlorine and halogens and pay attention to the low use of solvents and prefer biological materials. Due to their extreme deformability and special bonding properties, the products are perfectly suitable for vehicle wrapping. Another innovation in the field of film engineering are paint films. Here paint is wound up as web material and then applied on the vehicle. The high-tech paint film is environmentally friendly, because during processing neither overspray nor other waste products occur. Compared to a paint job, up to 70 percent of energy can be saved.

We are contributing to a better environment and only use innovative and environmentally friendly products. Allow us to advise you on our environmentally friendly high-tech films and sustainable principles.

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